Retraites Europa

Feminine wisdom Retreat from the 19th until the 24th of July 2024 at the Mandali Retreat Centre in Italy. A six day journey into the beautiful layers of your feminine essence.

My whole being lit up, the moment Haydi Moustafa asked me to share my gifts at this special retreat alongside these incredibly talented women: Nadia Scherpenhuijzen (doula, masseuse & yoga teacher), Carlijn van de Laar (breath & body therapist) and Elena Teixidor (sound & energy healer).

This retreat will focus on all main aspects of what it means to be a woman: rights of passage, sexuality, birth, motherhood, our connection to the earth, our bodies and wombs, as well as physical and energetic nutrition. It is designed for women in every phase of life, from youth to pregnancy to elder years, and everything in between.

As women, we go through many initiations in life, with the most meaningful periods being:

  1. Youth: growth and initiation into femininity (pre-maternity, start of menstruation).
  2. Embracing the mother within: pregnancy and birth (with or without having children).
  3. Maturity: postpartum, emotional balance, and leadership.

Understanding what happens inside our bodies during menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause, as well as the evolution of our souls, can be difficult to grasp with our minds. It is when our feminine power ultimately comes to life. In most ancient cultures, women receive spiritual guidance and tools during their first 10-30 years, preparing them for the transition into womanhood and motherhood. Much of this wisdom and rituals have been forgotten and haven’t been an integral part of our upbringing. This retreat will provide you with the tools and knowledge to align yourself with the sacred design of womanhood here on planet earth, offering ancient knowledge, rituals, practices, and inspiration on integrating these into your life as a modern woman.

During the retreat, we will slow down, go inside, receive, and use the ancient and modern tools available to connect with your body, womb, mother earth, and the phase of life you are in, whether young and curious, pregnant, a mother, or elder. We will facilitate rituals and practices to embody your feminine power, guiding you towards harmonious energetic or physical birthing or rebirthing. We will experience true sisterhood, and hold and celebrate each other. You will feel motivated to continue taking care of your body, mind, and soul by incorporating more rituals into your life.

This retreat is designed as an initiation and offers sacred, supportive instructions to become a connected, sacred, and modern woman. You will return home with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman.


During our 6 days together, we will lovingly guide you through the following topics and practices:

Spiritual work & initiation: Throughout our days, we will discuss alter work, rites of passage, and themes of modern women. We will deepen the understanding of initiation and practice:

  • Blessing Ritual.
  • Nurturing the mother within us and strengthening our connection to the earth.
  • Energetic healing and making offerings to the earth.
  • Feminine Values and ancestral connections.
  • Hands-on work with Clay, and feminine sacred tools.

Motherhood: Regardless of your phase in life, we all hold mother energy, as we are all branches of mother earth. We will deepen our understanding of this mother energy and learn how to nurture it through spiritual practice.

Our bodies & values: Together, we will explore the realms of the feminine body, including our portal of life, the womb. We will address how our cycles work, their connection to the earth, and their changes throughout a woman’s life. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to nurture yourself on every level and work with your womb as your greatest ally.

Sexuality: We will deepen our relationship with our sexuality and womanhood through clearing events or stories that no longer support us. Additionally, we will learn to bring in earth energy through sexuality, channel and activate it, practice breathwork, and unite in sacred belly dance.

Natural birth: For those who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant, we will provide a workshop to activate your trust in a natural and pleasurable birthing experience.

Relaxation: Enjoy plenty of free time with yourself, in nature, or connecting with other women. The program includes meditation sessions, yoga, as well as designated time for naps, nature walks, swimming, reading, and massages.

Food and stay: Throughout our stay, everything will be taken care of. Each participant will enjoy a private stay in beautifully designed rooms. In-room Wi-Fi and TVs are not available, allowing you to fully focus on your integration. We will provide daily healthy, vegetarian, and organic meals, as well as snacks, fruits, tea, and water available throughout the day.


Mandali is a boutique retreat centre in the foothills of the Italian Alps. A point of light for anyone on a quest for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Located just 75 minutes from Milan Malpensa airport, this centre sits high on a hilltop with sweeping views of Lake Orta and the Swiss alps. Mother nature embraces it’s guests with majestic sunrises, gorgeous hiking trails and raw beauty. A truly idyllic setting to find calm and clarity in the mind and body.

Mandali aims to create an environment where every being feels welcome. You are invited.