INSPIRATIE | My heart aches for sisters

Deze woorden kwamen afgelopen week naar boven drijven. Een tekst over dankbaarheid.
Over vrouwen die vrouwen steunen. Over jou. Over mij.

Words fall short to describe the extent of gratitude I feel. The felt sensation of this experience has inspired me to write a word or two. Tiny fragments of life that brought me here.

This time in english, because there are a couple of beautiful ladies all over the world I can’t thank enough for guiding me! Guiding me throughout this journey back home.

A journey that has taken me into greater depths than I imagined possible.
When the unbearable pain of gallbladder attacks brought me to my knees. When the emotional burden of unspoken words left me feeling powerless. When the overwhelming fear of showing myself to the world seemed more than I could handle. When my soul knocked so loudly on my door, I could barely sleep for months on end. When being a medical student and doctor, working in a healthcare system designed by and for men, required tucking away my sensitive, intuitive side to stay standing.

Until I finally laid it down;

I chose to no longer hide,
I embraced all of me,
I took care of myself in a way I never had before,
I spoke up and I woke up to life.

Just to find myself having arrived smack centre into the core of my being. Into my beautiful, vulnerable, powerful, creative, still, intuitive womanhood. Flooded by gratitude and sweet tears of joy.

I would not be where I am today without the tremendous support of some incredible women;
My mom for teaching me that expressing emotions is a superpower :-), my grandmother for her contagious smile, my childhood friend Saskia for holding space, my niece Christy for being like a sister to me and my dear friend Annemarie for her faithful companionship.

And many, many other women…

Thank you beautiful, fierce, vulnerable women.
For being in my life. For having crossed paths. For guiding me. For having met.

All of what I will share in the time to come is my gift back to all of you. My offering to women.
The world needs your beauty and I see you.

” My heart aches for sisters, more than anything it aches for women helping women, like flowers ache for spring.” ~ Rupi Kaur