I see you, I hear you, vulnerable and powerful woman!

My mission is to help you discover your ability to transform your health.
I will show you how to listen to your body and step into your power.

Quite a challenge considering the times we live in. Chronic stress, processed foods and environmental pollution. Just to mention a few of the many external factors that can influence our physical health and mental wellbeing.

The internal factors are often dismissed and their impact incredibly underrated. To give an example. One too many times we have impossible expectations of ourselves as we try to handle it all; the perfect mother, ideal partner, best friend and ambitious work professional. No wonder our body says ‘no’!

Our hormones play an essential role in our wellbeing. This complex system is sensitive to all of these influences. As women this makes us more susceptible to develop certain chronic and lifestyle related conditions and diseases.

There is an overwhelming amount of information available, promising all sorts of natural health remedies. It is almost impossible to discern what actually works never mind what is safe. Every women comes to me with different needs. Each woman has her own body chemistry. Some remedies will work for one woman and not for another. My goal is to give you a treatment that suits your individual needs and get you to your best self possible.

Why Women’s Health

  • We urgently need a new approach to dealing with women’s health concerns. Women are getting sicker and dropping out of work in large numbers from stress and hormone-related health conditions.
  • Because women are different from men. A woman’s body is more susceptible to develop certain conditions such as depression, auto-immune disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Conventional medicine is predominantly “masculine.” For example, medication doses are almost always based on a man’s body structure and weight.
  • Information and education on women’s health are lacking.
  • Very often it is unclear which natural approaches are safe and effective.

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