Hello. My name is Azucena Cuijpers.

I am a the founder of New Women’s Health,
A women’s health doctor and lifestyle medicine specialist.

After working as a family physician for the last years, I decided to fiercely follow my heart and embark on this new adventure!

New Women’s Health is the result of a beautiful personal journey, guided by curiosity, an out-of-the-box mentality and my intuition.

In family practise I saw countless women feeling continually tired, stressed, and moody. They were struggling with an endless array of physical health concerns. Concerns for which additional testing often did not provide answers, but which had a tremendous impact on her functioning and quality of life.

The ugly face of a silent health epidemic that sadly affects more women than ever before. These health concerns are mostly chronic, lifestyle related and multi-factorial. Pills would at the most give temporary relief.
There must be a different solution I thought! One that addresses the root causes and helps restore natural balance.

And to my great joy there was. Through multiple courses and personal health challenges I discovered what the individual solution looks like. Additionally I completed a specialised training programme on Women’s Functional & Integrative Medicine.

Thanks to all of these experiences my new direction became crystal clear.
Bringing forward an all-encompassing vision on women’s health. A vision that embraces our unique womanhood and bridges the gap between modern medicine & natural treatment modalities.

New Women’s Health is a women’s practise devoted to you.
A space created with a lot of care, where my goal is to help you feel empowered to create a healthy and vibrant life.

I feel privileged and grateful to guide you on your health journey.

My story begins in a rural village in Botswana, where I grew up as a little girl. I was fascinated by the vast landscape and the people who were completely in sync with nature.

I was deeply influenced by my south american grandmother who enchanted me with her cooking skills, Buddhist mantras, and beautiful smile. My mother who inspired me with stories about my Chinese grandfather and his herbal remedies. And my father who infused me with his unshakable trust in the goodness of people.

From this, a never-ending curiosity emerged. I was intrigued by every facet of health, wondering about what moves people in life.  

My search began as I finished my foundation course in psychology and decided to study medicine and become a family doctor. Unfortunately, many questions remained unanswered. I lived inside my head, worked nonstop, and was hard on myself.

My need for answers brought me to new and totally different perspectives on health. I explored eastern, western, traditional, and modern views. My horizons expanded. 

The more I learned and the more conscious I became, the more I doubted my place. Should I continue working as a doctor? The way I was practising medicine left me feeling empty, frustrated, and unhappy.

So I took a different approach. I dove fully into nutrition and discovered how changing my eating habits improved my health. A yoga training and mindfulness course also taught me how to breathe, and I became more calm as I dropped deeper into my body. 

I also began to think about my purpose in life, including what values I stand for, and the kind of person I wanted to become. Slowly a side of me awakened — a side I had pushed away for so long. A lighter and more intuitive part arose. 

In the meantime, I kept working and studying relentlessly until two years ago, when my body simply said ”no.” The unbearable pain shook me to the core. There was no choice left but to pause and rest. After many gallbladder attacks, an infection, and surgery, I suddenly found myself on the other side. My body suffered, resulting in a weak microbiome, no energy, and a painful menstrual cycle. 

For the very first time in my life I was the patient and I felt scared. I longed for a specialised doctor who would be open to natural healing modalities for my recovery. A doctor with whom I could talk about and discover the root of my physical complaints, and also hold space for my emotions to guide me towards optimal health. A doctor who would address my mind, body, and spirit.

I became that doctor myself.

Radical self-care was at the top of my list. I rested, adjusted my nutrition, practised lots of yoga, took probiotics, herbal and nutritional supplements, and gave full space to all fear and anxiety that came to the surface. I reconnected with that part inside of myself that is always present. 

Slowly, with ups and downs, I began to feel like myself again. Miraculously, I became a more grateful, loving, and creative version of myself than ever before.

Inspired by how my body healed as I found silence and listened, I recovered with the right choices and tools and finally found all the answers I was looking for.

A study programme, which perfectly fit my longing to specialise myself in this field, the Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training Programme followed.

Finally there was no doubt left. I wanted to start a women’s practise where I could be the doctor I had longed for myself, and thus, New Women’s Health was born.

Because of these personal challenges, I can open-heartedly and with full confidence say that modern, traditional, eastern, and western medicine complement one another in the most beautiful way. 

But more importantly, I have found that the healer resides within YOU. Sometimes we just need help to reconnect. I’m here to guide you.



Completion of the Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine Programme
Training with Dr. Aviva Romm, MD, and a graduate of her New Medicine for Women Institute


Vinyasa and Yin teacher-training certification, mindfulness training
Yagoy Amsterdam and Yoga Garden Amsterdam


Received additional training on nutrition, lifestyle, and Integrative Medicine
Arts en Leefstijl, Natura Foundation, Amsterdam School for Integrative Medicine & Health


Trained and working as a medical doctor and family physician
Master’s Degree in Medicine at Maastricht University and a Family Medicine Degree at the VU Amsterdam

Furthermore I am actively involved with The Amsterdam School for Integrative Medicine
I teach Yin Yoga at FLINK Yogastudio Amsterdam